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Weekends in Luxembourg – Trip to Vianden

Winslow Farmers' Market

I am one of the 600,000 people who call Luxembourg their home. Landlocked by Germany, Belgium and France, Luxembourg has inherited some of the best from its neighbours – verdant green plains, luscious vineyards and castles overlooking river valleys and hills.

And within this lovely landscape, if there is one place that is a must see, besides the lovely eponymous capital city, is the north eastern town of Vianden right along the German border.

Getting to Vianden

Vianden is just over 50 mins from Luxembourg city by public transport. You can take the train from Gare Luxembourg to Ettelbruck or Diekirch which runs every hour and then take the bus 570 from the Ettelbruck or Diekirch to Vianden, Breck. The bus stop is right opposite the train station in Diekirch and takes you through the winding hilly roads up to the castle

Getting to the castle

We went there during the winter so the chair lift was not open then. However its a very short walk to the castle from where the bus leaves you. Walking half way the majestic castle comes into view and for us, it was through the mist. Words and pictures don’t to enough justice to the view that unfolded.




Inside the castle compound


A 14th century lock on display inside the castle


The dining chambers


Some more displays in the castle

Victor Hugo and Vianden

Victor Hugo, the famous French poet, visited Vianden several times and also resided here in 1871 after being expelled from Belgium. Here he stayed in the house across the river facing the castle and wrote a part of ‘Annee Terrible‘. His house has now been turned into a museum. There is a fine hotel named after him as well, should you choose to soak in more of Vianden and spend the night here.

Victor Hugo bust and hotel

The Victor Hugo hotel

The bust of Victor Hugo

The bust of Victor Hugo


The river Our


Have you visited Vianden yet? Have more tips for Vianden travel. Please leave your comments below.


Happy travels!!

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