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A surreal experience in Rothenburg

Rothenburg ob der Tauber – A magical city awaits you

For the last year or so I had been drooling over the amazing photographs of this hitherto lesser known town in Germany (although part of the Romantic route) flooding my Instagram feed. And I had been dreaming of an opportunity to go to this place (the other place I am dreaming of now is the Alsace region in France, but that’s for another day and time). And so when I decided to spend the weekend in Nuremberg, Rotherburg obT had already made a place in my itinerary.

Travel basics

It’s a very small town in the Bavarian region and has no direct connections. You have to reach Steinach from where there is a train which departs every hour for Rothenburg obT (the train leaves and arrives at platform 5) and the journey takes about 15 mins.

The town centre and the city walls is just 5 mins walk from the train station. You can walk up the city walls and go around the city on its almost unbroken stretch. I however meandered around the town and surprised myself at every corner with the medieval beauty of this magnificent town. And the best thing about our trip was that we had arrived in late afternoon and many of the day trippers were already beginning to return.

There are plentiful things to see here but we preferred to just walk around the streets and the city walls to soak in the atmosphere. What we did indulge in though was the local delicacy – ‘Snow balls’ but carefully avoiding the ones doused in icing sugar.

I don’t think a day trip is enough to see this beauty of a town because the best way would be to just walk around aimlessly on Day 1 and then keep Day 2 to see specific places of interest. And infact with most of the town empty once people like us have left, this place must exude heavenly glory so spending an evening here should be top on your list.


Munching on the Snow Ball



From the city walls



Rothenburg ob der Tauber Rail station

The totally empty rail station at Rothenburg ob der Tauber

I will leave you with some of the shots from our short trip to this romantic town in Germany and I hope that it will only firm up your urge to land up there, right away right now.


And as always, Happy Travels.


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