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Day Out in a Tropical RainForest

Lush green foliage, screeching birds, a sloth hanging down the branch of a giant tree and a moist heavy atmosphere – you will experience all of this in a day out in the great Amazon forests, or not. What if I told you that you could experience all of this in a day out in Dubai. Yes you read it right, all of this in the middle of the desert city of Dubai. The place – The Green Planet Dubai ‘recreates the enchanting world of the tropical forest with over 3,000 plants and animals and the world’s largest indoor man-made and life-sustaining tree.‘ [Source: http://www.citywalk.ae/%5D. This is another of those fabulous places to visit in Dubai, Dubai truly the land of superlatives.

The Green Planet is an enclosed island of tropical flora and fauna in Dubai City Walk and is a fine place to spend a few hours with family or even by yourself. I visited it last November with my sister and it was a real fun few hours. At an entry price of 99 AED it might sound a little expensive for the family, but you will know it is well worth the money once you are there. You could buy tickets online or at the counter. There are numerous volunteers inside who are ever eager to answer your or your child’s questions. I saw hordes of excited kids gathering around the fish pond during the fish feeding session. There are additional (149 AED) tickets available if you choose to book their ‘Encounter’ experiences which are more up close and personal 30 minutes with the inhouse Sloth and the Sugar Glider. If you are not heading anytime soon to the Amazon basin, a trip to the Green Planet Dubai will definitely bring you much closer to what you are missing out on.


The Bio Dome


Look at that gorgeous yellow beak


These ones were screeching their lungs off!


Just look at these beauties!


Thats the largest man made self sustaining tree inside the Green Planet Dubai


This one needs absolutely no introduction – Looked straight out of the Ice Age to me. This is Mr Sloth



Look at that tree! And it is actually an oxygen releasing breathing tree right in the middle of a barren desert land!

Once you’ve had a fill of the atmosphere inside, you can choose any of the numerous restaurants in City Walk for a course of lunch or dinner. We were there during the day and didn’t really prefer to eat out in the sun, so we took a taxi to the nearby Dubai Mall for our lunch meal. But if you are in the City Walk during the evening, you could walk into the many world class restaurants and walk around the boulevard. The view of The Burj from there is enchanting.



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