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My UK Travels – A Photo Journal Series

I had lived in the UK for the better part of two years way back when the new Millennium was still young, between 2006-2008. The world was still not a global village then and maps were still on paper. My fetish for travel was still the same and it took me far and wide into the British countryside, often following the footsteps of some of the greatest of the English writers, of which I have had a healthy dosage during my school days.

I lived in North Yorkshire, in the city of York, which by far, is one of the most historically significant places in all of Europe, although often overlooked by the touristy traveler for the likes of its more flamboyant cousins London and Edinburgh. York has evidence of human settlements from 8000 BC and has a strong historic relevance to the Roman, Anglo Saxon and Viking eras. In 306 CE, Constantine the Great was proclaimed Emperor at the York Minster, which was a few hundred metres from my apartments. So while I walked my way to work, steadying against the gushes of winter chills, I would find hordes of tourists, mostly from South East Asia, alight from packed buses, equipped with sophisticated photo gears, marching past the Minster and the alley ways of the Old Town. One of my friends had once said, upon first arriving in York, that York was too dainty to be true, just like the setting of an utopian fairy tale novel. And I think, till this date, that has been the closest to how York can be described with words.


A glimpse of the York Minster

Much of my travels through the UK have been over weekends or 3 day weekends and I donot remember a large part of the details of each of the trip. But the sights that I have seen, almost a decade back, are still so vivid in my memory that it was only fair to share those trips with you. So I have embarked on this series of Photo Journals throughout the UK, with short descriptions of each of the places.

I hope you enjoy it! And as always, Happy Travels.

The Photo Journal Series

  1. Cambridgeshire: The county town of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely
  2. The country of Wales: Snowdonia and much of North Wales
  3. Norfolk: Norwich
  4. North Yorkshire: York and Scarborough
  5. East Riding of Yorkshire: Kingston-upon-Hull and Skegness
  6. Cumbria: The Wordsworthian town of Windermere and Lake District
  7. Nottinghamshire: The town of Nottingham
  8. Warwickshire: The Shakespearean town of Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick
  9. Wiltshire: Stonehenge and the Church of Salisbury
  10. Scotland
  11. Northern Ireland

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