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Cambridge – A Photo Journal Series #1

This photo journal covers the two main town in the county of Cambridgeshire – Cambridge and Ely. Cambridge needs no introduction to anyone really so here is a trivia about Ely – The Ely Cathedral has been the filming grounds for a number of Hollywood productions including the Netflix original series The Crown, more of the Oscar famed movies include ‘Elizabeth the Golden Age‘ (2007) starring Cate Blanchett, ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ (2007) and ‘The King’s Speech‘ (2009) with Colin Firth. Shekhar Kapur’s link to Ely (he was the director of ‘Elizabeth the Golden Age’) was what originally drew me to this little town in the county of Cambridgeshire.


Ely Cathedral

Unfortunately, I donot have many pictures of Ely so I move on to its more famous neighbor – the town of Cambridge, but I do promise to come back and post pictures if I do stumble upon them later.

Cambridge University, founded by a group of Oxford scholars, usually comes second in line to the throne of knowledge in the UK, Oxford always remaining its crown jewel. However while the rivalry continues through the centuries, one thing that Cambridge can definitely boast about is the sheer number of Nobel Laureates that it has educated, 89 vs Oxford’s 58.

Follow photo journal to take a trip down Cambridge’s tryst with knowledge and history.


The Holy Sepulchre church – One of the 4 round churches in the UK. It was built in 1130, its shape inspired by the rotunda in the church of The Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem



King’s College Chapel – One of the finest examples of Gothic architecture

Mathematical Bridge

The Mathematical Bridge – bridge connecting 2 halves of Queen’s College and was the first bridge built strictly using mathematical principles. The mathematical portion of the name refers to the fact that the arrangement of timbers is a series of tangents that describe the arc of the bridge, with radial members to tie the tangents together and triangulate the structure, making it rigid and self-supporting.

Pembroke College3

The Pembroke College – One of the many cradles of the British PMs

Pembroke College6

Grounds of the Pembroke College

Pembroke CollegeCanteen

Pembroke Dining Hall


The notice board at the Pembroke College

Youngest PM of UK who studied in Pembroke

William Pitt – the youngest PM of the UK and a student of the Pembroke

Punting boats on River Cam

The famous punting boats of Cambridge

River Cam

River Cam


The streets where some of the brightest of our world have treaded


Thats the Christ’s Pieces (a Victorian Park) in the background, and a man having an Ooppsss!! moment in the foreground…

And thats me saying ‘Bye Bye’ everyone. Until next time… Hope you have enjoyed the first edition of the Photo Journal series from my travels in the UK. Do come back for more.

Pembroke College1

Moi, with the Pembroke in the background


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